Kintrospect: Your digital commonplace book

Import your Kindle highlights - internalize, remix and create new forms of text.

What's a commonplace book?

Scholars, amateur scientists, aspiring men of letters—just about anyone with intellectual ambition in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was likely to keep a commonplace book. In its most customary form, “commonplacing,” as it was called, involved transcribing interesting or inspirational passages from one’s reading, assembling a personalized encyclopedia of quotations. It was a kind of solitary version of the original web logs: an archive of interesting tidbits that one encountered during one’s textual browsing. The great minds of the period—Milton, Bacon, Locke—were zealous believers in the memory-enhancing powers of the commonplace book.

—Steven Johnson

How it works

Our software makes it easier to build your digital version of a commonplace book. Today we use Kindle as the source, but we have plans to add more data sources like Instapaper and Hypothesis. We believe textual productivity should have no friction.


Import your highlights

Either sync your books and highlights from your Kindle Cloud Reader or directly from your device (via USB) - no need for additional installs!


Remix and compose new text

Kintrospect gives you two different ways to create text

From a single book: extract your favorite parts or build a resume with your highlights so that you can internalize better what you read

From all your books: create commonplace books using as source the highlights from all the books and documents in your Kindle Device or Kindle Cloud Reader


Download or export your creations

After you are done writing, you can download your text as a markdown file or you can copy and paste into any other platform.

Common Questions

How can I get in touch?

Send us an email to [email protected] - We'll love to hear how you are using or plan to use Kintrospect and if you want to give us more interactive feedback, we can add you to our private Slack. Just send us a quick message to the email above and we'll send you an invite.

Are you on Twitter?

When I use the Kindle Cloud Reader to sync my highlights, do you have access to my email and password?

No, Kintrospect does not have access to your email or password - when you select the Kindle Cloud Reader as sync method, you are asked to sign in to Amazon directly - we just use your session to extract that data. You can always and we recommend to turn-on two factor authentication as a general security measure.

Can you get highlights from the PDFs and document that I send to my Kindle?

Yes, Kintrospect can export all your highlights as long as the document is in your Kindle Device or Kindle Cloud Reader.

Can Kintrospect import 'My Clippings.txt'?

Yes, Kintrospect can import your clippings file. Even better you get to keep the highlight's location, as you navigate through Kintrospect you can always go back to the book if you have the Kindle app installed in your phone or computer.

Can I publish my notes through Kintrospect?

Not yet, but you can download a markdown file or copy and paste the whole text into your favorite platform.

How much does it cost to use Kintrospect?

During out Beta period Kinstrospect costs $0 - we will eventually add a pricing tier.

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